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FlightGear is a great simulation game that is also open source and opened to any suggestion or improvement.

It addresses most of the simulator core functions and features and its goal is to become an advanced flight simulator framework for researches and academic purposes.

Current simulators, most of them commercial do not cover up all the expectations of the user base so this project was created as an alternative.

The database available for the world, scenery and graphics is an extensive one and as accurate as possible, giving the players a great experience.

A wide variety of plane models are available to fly starting from 1900 ones and ending with the more modern range.

The hardware requirements are acceptable for the level of detail and performance offered so give this a try and you will have some fun doing it.

FlightGear is a free flight simulator game developed through the contribution from people around the globe. Flight Gear was created as an alternative for current commercial PC flight simulators as many of them did not rise up to the expectations. One of the major problems with these simulators is their proprietary implementation and extensibility lacking. In other words, commercial simulators do not lend themselves to any modification or enhancement. There are a wide range of people participating in this project as interests range from making a realistic flight simulator out old airplane parts to simply having a well made alternative to commercial PC simulators.

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